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Marta Vargas

words, songs and a little more * palabras, canciones, y más

The Story/ La Historia

The Story

"Worry not about what you can't do or don't have, just embrace and nurture (and be faithful to God and man with) what you can do and God has given you, and when you do, give it your all and do it with LOVE!"...That's the core foundation of Marta's music. And the best part is that this experience, this story you're about to hear is not just for her it is for YOU too! Here was a realization that became the pivotal moment in a musical journey that begun in early childhood and grew over the years despite lack of musical knowledge or training, yet holding back due to this until seeing beyond what then seemed like a major obstacle to move forward.. Could the fact that she didn't have enough know how or skill to be self sustaining in a musical environment be an impediment, or could it be an opportunity to experience something beyond and share that hope with those around? Discovering the essence and joys of collaboration in what happens when, as Mother Teresa said "what I can't do you can do, what I can do you can't do, but together, we can do something beautiful for God.", as well as rediscovering God's loving providence, standing reminded of the promise that it isn't all up to us, that there is someone bigger and greater who is in charge, who does provide, He gives just enough, just in time, and just when we think we can't do or give more, He will take our loaves and fishes and do something special with them when we are willing and open, while also at times making that an occasion to experience this love and providence through real people he sends in our path.....

In Marta's words "It took a bit to step out in faith to the point the past few years I had pretty much decided to focus on the other stuff that needed to be done instead, and then even at the threshold of the beginnings of this proiect through unforeseen events I could no longer question there was still that hesitation, until finally something changed in me. It was like the story of the little boy with the loaves and fishes came alive in my heart. That child was willing enough to offer whatever he had, not stopping to think about how far it could go or how much it could do. He just offered it to Jesus. And then Jesus took it, and to everyone's amazement, next thing you know everyone there was blessed and then some, just with that child's little basket! How freeing and humbling that was. And every time God shows me one more person He blessed with these loaves and fishes, even more so. :) It is almost as if the very fact that I couldn't do it all myself or find a way around it for a time until that surrender and giving in trust came was part of the lesson in and of itself, what can and will happen when we take to heart the story of that little child who by loved enough to just give without worrying about the rest, and by his willingness blessed more people than he could have ever dreamed of blessing all by himself. The wonderful times and ways in which God 'shows His stuff" are so often these times. God is so good and so amazing. "

Then the first recording was completed. But having learned the lesson, instead of waiting to 'have it all together', the principle was applied again to share what we do have when we have it and hope it blesses someone.

So until the rest of the recordings can happen, Marta gives us what she has right now: her one completed song, now her first single release EDEN

Along with EDEN, she gives us everything else she has: the rough drafts of a couple of other songs, even if only to share in the excitement of 'before' and 'after' as these demos were recorded long ago and some will see edits before being set to final form!).

And she gives us this website even if it is not even 100% done realizing there is much learning and growing here too and you will surely see changes (hopefully improvements) as time goes on.

And that's all okay now, perhaps even part of the message, as we walk together step by step, bit by little bit.  

So let's stop worry not about what you don't have, just embrace and share what we do have, and do it with joy and love! Let us be who we are joyfully and the best we can, and who the others are, let us let everyone else be who they are and ENCOURAGE them to be who they are with joy and the best they can!

Now is the time to give, now is the time to share, now is the time to love. It's time to give what we have, and to give it with joy and with love... while trusting God with the rest, and, yes, open to growing and learning as we go for the glory of His name and the blessings of those who share the journey with us. 

Perhaps in this we will discover bigger joys, because now we can really and truly say we are part of something greater, and say "We are building this TOGETHER! " 

version en espanol pronto...