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Marta Vargas

words, songs and a little more * palabras, canciones, y más

The Talks/Las Pláticas

Conversations For Inspired Living / Conversaciones Para Un Buen Vivir

This a short (non exhaustive) list of talks available. Most have been adapted & offered to both youth and adult audiences. 

ESPANOL - Esta es una lista parcial de pláticas disponibles, la mayoría han sido adaptadas y ofrecidas tanto a jóvenes como adultos.


  • Gratitude WITH ATTITUDE! - We've heard of 'attitude of gratitude', could there be a difference between that and having 'gratitude with ATTITUDE'? What might be some added benefits in embracing this level of gratitude? Could this new attitude hold the key to unlocking some hidden treasures unforeseen? The answers may pleasantly surprise you!
  • The Amazing Anatomy of God's Plan In Your Life - The Joy, Wonder and Adventure That Can Only Come By Yielding To His Plan
  • The Gift From The Guy Who Didn't Have To Give Me Anything - Encountering the transforming love of Christ and how encountering Him in our personal love story with Him may be key to every possible type of relationship we may enter from romance to friendship, family, and beyond.
  • When Love Is Written In Our Hearts - What great teaching could, once applied, rock our world so we are no longer bogged down by the rules to live in true freedom? Getting to the real heart of Christian Morality
  • Sun, Moon, and Hems of His Garment- Nobody could sum up this workshop better than one of Marta's favorite Saints, St Catherine of Siena, when she said "If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire!" No matter how things may appear, everyone was created with unique gifts, could these gifts hold the key to something deeper? Could they actually be the point of encounter with God's grace that might point us to His plan and calling for us, and could our awareness and deliberate sharing of these gifts be the way He can ultimately best use us to help bless and transform the world? Come prepared to be inspired, music optional. Available as a half day workshop, mini 2 hr workshop, or 45 minute talk.
  • Threads of the Hems of His Garment- Another one of Marta's favorite quotes is "Develop your own dreams and you create passion. Develop the dreams of others and you will help create heaven". Come find out why as we explore: Could our responsibility to share our gifts go beyond that of identifying and sharing our own into also doing that for others and why is this important for us and perhaps even the world? This topic may serve as part two to conversation above within a retreat or workshop format. Available as a half day workshop, mini 2 hr workshop, or 45 minute talk.
  • CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM ... OR TEAM OF CHAMPIONS?- What's the difference? What are some impediments to collaborative work and more importantly, what might the cretive solutions look like? Laugh a little while being inspired as we explore some common 'maladies' and their potential 'remedies'. Destination: Win-Win!
  • Excellence, Not Perfection! A common misconception that paralyze, a distinction that can free us to reach new heights and create ripple effects that could transform the face of every place we move in and about from homeplace to workplace and beyond.


  • (ADVENT) Get Up, Smell The Coffee, and Get READY! - Beyond this being your only chance to see Marta wearing hair rollers in public, a chance to reflect and be inspired to enter into the true spirit of the Advent Season as we get ready for an unforgettable Christmas.


  • Some of the talks above were actually created to fit the theme for the conference event at which the talk was being presented, so please feel welcome to contact us with your ideas and event needs.


Cualquiera de las platicas en Ingles estan disponibles en Espanol. Mientras actualizamos nuestra pagina, he aqui algunos avances...

  • LIBERADOS PARA PERDONAR! - Sería posible que el perdón y la gratitud podrían tener un punto clave de encuentro donde hay gran sanación y liberación ? La respuesta les sorpredrá!
  • EL REGALO DE AQUEL QUE NO TENIA QUE DARME NADA - No necesitamos soñar con historias de amor. Ya la tenemos! Y nuestro encuentro con esa historia y ese Ser al igual que nuestra disposición a recibir su amor bien podrían ser clave para todo vivir a total plenitud toda relación en nuestras vidas, sea del tipo de relación que sea.
  • Cuando El Amor Está Grabado En Nuestros Corazones - Una reflexión sobre el tema de la moralidad Cristiana que nos lleva a la raíz de todo para inspirarnos a vivirla a plenitud con gozo y entusiasmo.


  • (ADVIENTO) PON EL CAFE A COLAR Y PREPARATE! - A parte de ser esta la única oportunidad de ver a Marta con rolos en público, una gran y divertida reflexión que los inspirará a adentrarse en el espíritu del Adviento en preparación para una Navidad inolvidable.  


  • Muchas de estas pláticas fueron creadas para responder a peticiones específicas de acuerdo a los temas de los eventos donde fueron presentadas. Si es este su caso y tiene un tema en específico que desearía explorar favor de contactarnos y con gusto nos adaptaremos a sus necesidades.